Independent or agency caregivers must pass a thorough criminal background check, employment screening, education verification, SSN Trace, DMV records and proof of authorization to work before being allowed to serve you. Gravity Care rescreens caregivers every year or any issues in between with their technology. 

Independent caregivers can take their background check in-app by submitting a secured request to our trusted background check partner, Checkr. After the submission, Gravity Care tracks the candidate’s progress and status. All caregivers must have an “all clear” status to deliver their services to our clients.

Home Care agencies conduct their employee caregiver background check and submit to us caregivers having “all clear” status. 

The background checks on the Gravity Care platform are good for 2 years. Expired employee background checks or uncleared will block an employee listing visibility to all care families. 

Our member Safety program allows transparency in sharing the background check expiry date to all our clients before they decided to send a booking request.

Background check limitations

The background check history is limited to the past 7 years and may help us identify past criminal conduct where records are available, they have several limitations, and do not guarantee that all past criminal conduct has been identified or that a person won’t break the law in the future.

Crimes that remove members from the Gravity Care platform

Felony burglary or felony larceny 

Seven years (such as fraud or property damage) from the date of conviction.

Murder, terrorism, elderly abuse, rape or child molestation.

 Safety tips to follow

Get to know your caregiver before you send your booking request.

Get to know your care family before you accept their booking request.

Use our secure Escrow platform to pay for the services.

Use Gravity Care’s in-app messaging and don’t share any personal information.

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