You can edit the information that appears on your Gravity Care profile, such as your main location, photo, About you or languages you speak, from your account settings.

Tap on Settings icon associated with gears at the bottom right of the app screen. You are now in your settings window. Tap on Edit Your Member Profile. 

Tap on EDIT

The different sections of your profile include (All required) :

  • Edit Profile: Update the basics about you, name, location, birthdate, what best describes you, pick several languages you speak, your rules as a caregiver to care family. Note: Clients will always read in the “About Me” box. Be as clear as you can to get the client’s attention.
  • Photo: Upload a photo from your computer (‘Select from camera roll’). You’ll be asked to add a photo that clearly shows your face before booking or hosting service. After you tap on  ‘That’s me Right’, your photo is uploaded. 
  • Email Verification: Once you have created your account with the email you have, you can’t change or verify.
  • Facebook Verification is optional. Type on Verify to login to your Facebook account.
  • Mobile Phone Verification: Having a verified phone number gives your members, and Gravity Care a way to contact you about your bookings or your account. All members are required to verify their mobile phone numbers before listing their caregiving services and families must have a verified phone number before request a booking. Note: We allow you to change your phone numbers twice. 

Tap on Save to update your member account. You will get a message pop, Tap on OK. You can Discard your entries and redo it again.

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