You can manage the ways you get notifications from Gravity Care in your notification settings.

Tap on Messages & Notifications

Four types of notifications

Promotions: promotions, surveys, deals, and coupons, 

Other Updates: App feature updates or new products.

Account Activity: Any changes to your account, alerts, legal updates, security and privacy info, and support requests.

Care Recommendations: Helpful tips, care recommendation. 

How do you get notifications

Three ways you can get notifications from Gravity Care:

Push: member having Gravity Care app an in-app message sent to your mobile device.

Email: Sent to your email address verified as Gravity Care account.

Phone: Calls to the phone number you verified in your Gravity Care account.

Manage your notifications

When you sign up with Gravity Care, you automatically choose to send or receive notifications for bookings, the release of funds and ratings when you add your phone number. You will also receive email notifications when you manage your Gravity Care account password or when you create a new account.  

Turn off your notifications

You can turn off notifications for push and email listed on the Notifications screen.

Push: In your mobile or table settings, turn off push notifications for the Gravity Care app.

Emails: Turn off notifications or unsubscribe in other updates and care recommendations.

Phone: As Gravity Care Support to remove you from receiving future calls for promotions and tips or policy and community.

To help ensure we can contact you with important information, you can’t turn off email notifications related to reservations, account activity, legal updates, security and privacy notices, and customer service requests. In some circumstances, such as if we can’t reach you by email, we may need to contact you by phone or other means.

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